Welcome to the International
Institute of Professional Meditation Teachers

A Global Alliance of Maharishi Professionals Organisations
and Transcendental Meditation Teachers

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We are a professional association set up to advocate for professional standards within the many services created by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. We are not a teaching organisation for Transcendental Meditation.

A major priority of the IPMT is curating management & communications training resources and other professional development courses, aimed to complement and enrich the work of Transcendental Meditation teachers & other Maharishi Professionals.

In some countries we are also registering as a union, allowing us to promote the best practices in employment relations for Transcendental Meditation teachers and other Maharishi Professionals.

Statement of Principles

The IPMT calls for implementation of the following principles throughout the global Transcendental Meditation organisation / Global Country of World Peace. These are standard, uncontroversial principles upheld by major charitable organisations around the world.


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