Perspectives and services for TM Teachers and other Maharishi professionals around the world

Who are we?

The IPMT is an international and independent organisation chartered under the laws of New Zealand.

IPMT was founded by a group of Transcendental Meditation TM Teachers with broad experience in teaching TM and related programmes, and in operating TM Centres. Collectively, the founding members of the Institute have over 300 years of expertise in Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness, along with diverse backgrounds in other professions, ranging from business management to information technology, marketing, manufacturing, education, and science. We welcome new members who are dedicated to maintaining the purity of Maharishi’s teachings and to help ensure longevity and success for Maharishi’s organisations.

We invite any professionals trained by Maharishi or the GCWP 1 to apply for membership.


What do we do?

IPMT provides a resource of skilled professionals from various backgrounds, to assist and support the individuals and organisations that provide Maharishi’s knowledge.

We will offer services including seminars, training, curated information resources, case studies, visual aids, educational materials, communication services, consulting, problem-solving, marketing, advocacy, and professional networking.


What are we?

 We are a “think tank”. Our over-arching interest is ongoing success within the world family of Maharishi organisations. We are also an advocacy group, seeking to support and assist these organisations, at any level, wherever our experience and collective insights might provide aid consistent with the standards set by Maharishi.

We meet often to discuss ways to facilitate the promotion and delivery of Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi’s Vedic Technologies. We encourage continuous improvement in the organisation and operation of TM Centres, and professional development for Transcendental Meditation Teachers and Maharishi Professionals.



Like any organisation of professionals, such as doctors, accountants, engineers, authors, and artists, we represent the common interests and group wisdom of our professional members. We are not officially endorsed or supported by the GCWP, but we are determined to maintain a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with them in all areas of our work. We recognize and honour the GCWP as Maharishi’s specified management structure. We look forward to a long and fruitful synergy.


1. Please see the GCWP website for more information. Primary administrative functions of the GCWP are summarised on this page.