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    Gary Benner

    Hello All,

    By now you should have received an email giving you logged in user access to the IPMT website, so you can access the Forums and Newsletters etc.

    The forums are a way to enhance the discussions we have, in a secure environment. It’s all hosted on my servers, under my control, so it is as private as we can make it.

    Once you have your password you can login here: https://ipmt.me/wp-login.php

    Then go to the Home Page and in the main menu, to the right, you will then see (after you have logged in) a menu item that says Member Portal. Under that is a link to Forums and News letters. This is all very new, so for the news, watch this space. The Newsletter is more proof of concept right now as I get the contributors trained up.

    In the Forums select “Hive“, and that will take you to that Forum, with the same people we have on our Zoom calls. So this will allow discussions and sharing of information in between the Zoom calls.

    The forums structure discussions under “Topics”. So it’s always good to check if a topic already exists, and if not, you are able to create a new topic. Make sure it is descriptive enough for easy understanding by others.

    If you find the user interface for entering text into the Forum is not to your liking, you can always write your contribution in another program, and then copy and paste it into the forum post.

    Let’s see how this works.

    Kind regards


    PS: As an aside, in New Zealand the Parliament operates out of a building affectionately known as “The Beehive”, so named because of it’s iconic shape.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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